SWEAT FOR PETS: Walk, Run & Roll 2016

Park Place Parvo Pups

We were left behind, now we want to take the lead!

On Wednesday October 12th, we were left outside of Park Place Mall in a box. That's right, a box. We've been diagnosed Parvo and because of this amazing community, are getting the love and care we need to pull through.

We weren't sure if we were worth saving, but you let us know that we are. We can't walk now, but we would love it if you walked for us! Donate to our team and show your Puppy Pride!

Where does your donation go?

The average cost of care for each animal at HSSA is $950. That of course includes proper vaccinations, a spay/neuter surgery, food, shelter, a warm place to sleep and if they need it, behavioral training and special medical attention. Pretty amazing for an non-profit that doesn't receive any government funding!

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