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Here at HSSA we are dedicated to improving the relationships between pets and their owners. More specifically, we aim to educate both canine and human alike to understand one another’s needs; ideally resulting in a lifelong bond. The Canine College Program is a jump start to just that.

Today's agenda

Despite the common belief that dogs end up in shelters because they are problematic, the truth is, majority of dogs are brought to shelters because of “people” related problems: financial hardship, lack of time, lifestyle changes (new baby, divorce, moving, marriage), allergies, or other reasons. A large number of our adoptable dogs have already had some obedience training, know basic commands, and are housebroken! However, animal shelters can be an overwhelming environment for dogs; all the new faces, loud sounds, and other dogs can be intimidating.  Canine College helps our pet guests adjust to their new environment, reduce stress, maintain the commands they already know, learn some cool new tricks, and ultimately graduate into a healthy happy life with a new adopted family.

How the program works: The shelter dogs chosen to participate in the program spend some one on one time each day with our specially trained volunteers to help reduce anxiety, socialize properly and learn manners, obedience, to walk nicely on a leash, specialty tricks, and more!

The program is designed to fit each dog’s personality and address individual needs. For example, many dogs already know basic commands but are shy around new people. In Canine College, they would learn to become more confident and outgoing. Dogs that have high energy might jump up on people; in Canine College they would learn how to channel that energy into other activities through positive reinforcement; like sitting for treats instead of jumping, or learning to fetch a tennis ball for exercise.

The overall mission of the Canine College Program

  • Provide mental and physical enrichment to shelter dogs
  • Reduce anxiety and stress for the duration of their stay
  • Build Confidence
  • Increase visibility and adoptability by fine-tuning and showcasing unique personalities, skills, and fun tricks. (Info is displayed on kennel sheets and website)
  • Shorten overall stay at the shelter, and get them adopted faster
  • Strengthen the human & animal bond
  • And build a foundation for a strong secure relationship with new family graduating into a forever home.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Canine College Program, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 327-6088 x 126.

Special thanks to:

The Meacham Foundation of American Humane Association for honoring the Canine College Program with a grant in 2010.




headline circle gifCammie

Current Student


Cammie  ·  #780532
1 Year Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


This lively love sponge just wants to entertain everyone. Cammie has a contagious smile and an ability to melt all your cares away. Found in the middle of a busy intersection with cactus in her face, wounds on her chin and a filthy coat, Cammie was scooped up by a kind commuter and brought to safety. Now Cammie is focusing her attention on becoming the best dog she can be. Cammie is still learning the rules and can’t wait for someone special to show her the way! Could it be you? Meet this affectionate and active sidekick today at the HSSA!



headline circle gifTitan

Current Student


Titan  ·  #779442
4 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Once Titan is your friend, let the love fest begin! When this special guy first arrived at the HSSA, he was dispirited and withdrawn. Titan avoided human attention, but our incredible volunteers immediately began working with him. In just a few months, Titan has made remarkable progress! Titan is now engaged, enthusiastic and learning obedience skills in Canine College. He enjoys nothing more than being on the receiving end of some belly rubs and hugs!  Now all Titan needs is a patient family willing to help him adjust to life in a home. Since Titan spent his entire life outdoors, he will need someone to show him the ropes of being a pampered couch potato. What do you say? Won’t you give this deserving gentleman something great to smile about? Titan promises to return the favor for many years to come!



headline circle gifRhonda Rousey

Current Student

Rhonda Rousey

Rhonda Rousey  ·  #781743
5 Months Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Life is meant to be lived with gusto! Rhonda Rousey greets each morning with a smile and can’t wait to share her limitless joy with you! This fun and fabulous pup is searching for an active, adventurous guardian to call her own. A true people-pleaser, Rhonda likes being the center of attention and would prefer to be your only pet. In exchange for a lifetime of unconditional love, Rhonda promises to make you smile every single day. It's easy to do when you're this darn cute! This peppy sidekick has come so far from when she was abandoned in a park with parvo. Rhonda was delivered to the HSSA, made a remarkable recovery and is now learning how to be the best dog she can be. Won’t you show her how wonderful life can be when you're healthy, appreciated and happy at home?



headline circle gifTank

Current Student


Tank  ·  #772532
2.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Meet Tank, a giant armful of lovable fun! This goofy brindle boy would love to be your co-pilot. Tank is house trained, crate trained and has experience living with other dogs. Plus, he’s mastering a number of tricks in Canine College and is polishing his manners just to impress you. Won’t you make Tank you pride and joy? Meet him today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!



headline circle gifCastiel

Current Student


Castiel  ·  #744970
2 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Brilliant? That is Castiel’s middle name! This high-performing genius will do anything for treats. Castiel has mastered sit, shake, down, crawl, rollover, stay, leave it/take it, find it (hidden treats), jump (over benches), weave (through poles) and up (on a platform). He was born for agility, rally, nose work and obedience training! Castiel also has impeccable manners. He will sit and wait for your “ok” at a gate or street crossing. Plus, he walks beautifully on a leash and gets along with everyone. This perfect pooch just needs a cat-free and toddler-free home with an active, savvy someone to call his own! If you would like to be the lucky person on the receiving end of Castiel’s tender kisses, check out this staff and volunteer favorite today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!



headline circle gifSugar



Sugar  ·  #780066
2 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Sugar is sweet as…well, you know. This darling dog is looking for a special person to lavish in love for the rest of her life. Transferred to the HSSA from another shelter, Sugar is busy preparing for her very first home by learning obedience and life skills in Canine College. Sugar is slowly gaining confidence and realizing that treats are the greatest invention of modern time. She’ll do anything for a biscuit! If you could make this potential-packed pooch your faithful sidekick, get to know sensational Sugar today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!



headline circle gifReeses



Reeses  ·  #776868
1 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Meet Reeses, a super sweet brindle beauty looking for her very first home. This wonderful companion was found as a stray and has since come a long way at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona thanks to her trainers in Canine College. Reeses has been focusing her energy on learning obedience commands at record speeds and working hard to impress every family that visits the shelter. Won’t you give this super star the loving home she deserves? Reeses can’t wait to celebrate life by soaking up belly rubs!



headline circle gifHermes



Hermes  ·  #773309
1.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Hermes is a happy guy who causes laughter and smiles wherever he goes. This star student is excelling in Canine College, where he’s learning new skills at record speeds. Not only is Hermes smart as a whip, but he’s sweet as can be! This social butterfly gets along great with other dogs and loves every person he meets, but he needs a cat-free home. If you could provide lovable Hermes with a lifetime of care and compassion, please meet this staff and volunteer favorite today at the HSSA!



headline circle gifDino



Dino  ·  #757834
2 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Demure Dino really wants to find a home but his shy nature gets in the way of making new friends. When he first arrived as a stray, Dino was wary of people. Thanks to his advocates at the HSSA, Dino has learned that humans can be the best thing to happen to a dog. Dino is gradually coming out of his shell in Canine College, where he’s gaining confidence and learning valuable life skills with the help of trainers. He’ll perform sit, down and leave it in exchange for a treat. Dino is still practicing how to be outgoing and comfortable but it’s all about taking baby steps. This sweet and sensitive boy promises to work on overcoming his bashfulness if somebody is willing to give him a chance. Could you be the hero he's been waiting his whole life to find?



headline circle gifCarol



Carol  ·  #771317
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


We’re falling fast for this one and know you’ll be smitten too! Carol is a sweet, gentle soul who gets along with everyone and just wants to be loved. Found as a stray in December, Carol arrived at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona shy and hesitant. Now she is gaining self-confidence and valuable obedience skills with help from her personal trainer in Canine College. She has nearly perfect leash manners and greets every visitor with a polite sit and a warm smile. Carol is searching for a calm, quiet home where she can adjust to life as a valued companion. She would feel like she won the lottery if she had a cozy armchair and a lifetime of praise. If you could give this adorable love sponge a happy home, please visit incredible Carol soon!



headline circle gifHercules



Hercules  ·  #764926
1.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Hercules has golden eyes full of gratitude, a gently wagging tail and the cutest freckles you’ve ever seen! This handsome gentleman was surviving on the streets when a kind person offered him an invitation to start over. Hercules was much obliged and happily jumped in his new friend’s car with a grin from ear to ear. Hercules has been patiently waiting for a home at the HSSA since August, but stays focused and happy with help from his friends in Canine College. Hercules is busy perfecting his obedience skills and has already learned sit, down, come and loose leash walking. Good boy! This attentive student is a breeze to train since he’s so treat motivated and eager to please.  Won’t you let him impress you today at the HSSA? Hercules just wants to be somebody’s hero!



headline circle gifElfie



Elfie  ·  #767258
2 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Not too small, not too large – Elfie is just right! This darling dog adores everyone, including other pets. But her heart belongs to her favorite people. Elfie is currently partnering with her closest friends in Canine College, where she’s mastering obedience commands. Currently, Elfie is working on her recall, sit, down, stay, roll over, take it, leave it and loose leash walking. There’s no stopping this super star! Elfie would do well with any family willing to continue her positive reinforcement training to help boost her confidence and help her become the best dog she can be. Get to know our little love sponge today at our Park Place PAWSH center!



headline circle gifChili



Chili  ·  #772790
8 Years Old  ·  Chow Mix  ·  Male


Charming Chili craves companionship! This mature gentleman is searching for a cozy, loving home where he can spend lazy afternoons napping and daydreaming about treats. Chili is an easygoing guy who gets along with pretty much everyone. He’s currently enjoying the opportunity to show off in our Canine College program, where he’s proving to all the youngsters that old dogs can always learn new tricks! If you could give this wonderful sweetheart a fun retirement filled with walks and hugs, please check out Chili at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!



headline circle gifLyric



Lyric  ·  #750782
4 Years Old  ·  Border Collie Mix  ·  Female


Lyric has the holidays on her mind. This loyal, loving girl isn't asking Santa for much this year - just a family.  A total velcro dog, Lyric stays right by your side and looks up at you with the most endearing smile. Found as a stray and returned to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona three times for not being good with cats, having an accident and trying to escape the yard when left alone, Lyric could sure use a Border Collie-savvy guardian to save the day. Lyric gets along great with other enthusiastic dogs and has proven to be quite the well-rounded and obedient companion. This attentive charmer strives to make others happy and has polished manners. Now Lyric is stepping up her game even more by mastering tricks in Canine College. She's simply genius! Find out for yourself by visiting this bodacious Border Collie mix soon at the HSSA. Lyric has had a long run of bad luck, but she’s simply amazing and packed with potential!


 CLICK HERE to see a video of Lyric!

headline circle gifBandit



Bandit  ·  #760829
1.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Bandit has a hard time walking down the street without constant stops for compliments and cuddles. Oh, the demands of being a rock star! This brindle boy has so much going for him. He’s obedience trained, great with everyone he meets and so eager to make new friends. As a high-achiever in Canine College, Bandit has learned sit, down, stay, come and leave it. Plus, he’s great on walks! Bandit will do anything for a treat and a scratch behind his floppy little ears. If you could give Bandit a lifetime of praise and pampering, please meet this special sweetheart today at the main shelter!




headline circle gifSierra



Sierra  ·  #751282
7 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Sierra is a big, friendly mush with a charming disposition. This animated sweetheart is putting her enthusiasm to good use in Canine College, where she’s learning a number of obedience commands and gaining valuable life skills. Sierra gets along with most dogs (bring yours for a meet and greet!) and is extremely eager to please. She’s loyal, will do anything for treats and hopes to give you one of her signature hugs soon! Check out this spirited scholar at the HSSA and prepare to fall in love!




headline circle gifBoone



Boone  ·  #723859
1 Year Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Boone is one of our rising stars in Canine College. With plenty of treats and praise, Boone will do anything to impress you. Surprisingly, he was surrendered for not obeying commands. He just needs positive, force-free training to help him shine. He also enjoys any opportunity to play and appreciates fetch or a game of tug-of-war as reward for good behavior. He’s been patiently waiting for a forever home since May, so please give him the chance to impress you today at the HSSA!



headline circle gifJoanna



Joanna  ·  #759679
2 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Joanna is a cheerful family dog with loads of potential. This gentle sweetheart loves kids of all ages and dogs of all sizes. During a recent sleepover with volunteers, Joanna proved to be 100% house trained, crate trained, a very sound sleeper and an amazing dance partner. She will wiggle with you to some tunes and then rest her chin on your lap with eyes that say “I love you.” This mellow Zen master even enjoys baths. We just can’t stop raving about wonderful Joanna! As an all-star in Canine College, Joanna is learning obedience commands in record timing and only wants a tummy rub in exchange for perfect behavior.  Won’t you offer her a comforting pat? Please get to know this exceptional love sponge soon!




headline circle gifReilly



Reilly  ·  #754914
1.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


This treasure isn’t hard to find. She’ll come running up to meet you, eager for attention and petting. Dumped at a park shortly after raising puppies, Reilly was fortunate to be spotted and taken in by a kind lady walking her dogs. That was months ago and Reilly has since showed the world what she’s made of thanks to her friends and extended family at the HSSA. As a shining example in our Canine College program, Reilly has already learned sit, down, come, roll over, crawl, stay, leave it and loose-leash walking. She’s also one of our most outgoing dogs during yappy hour play dates with several other pups at the shelter. Once you meet this special sweetheart, you’ll understand why she’s such a favorite among staff and volunteers. Won't you be the one to give Reilly the care and commitment she deserves?


headline circle gifRuckus



Ruckus  ·  #757834
5 Months Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


“Can you offer me a home? Let’s shake on it!” Ruckus is a happy, wiggly, busy bee in search of an equally playful pal. Found wandering town a few months ago as a lonely puppy, Ruckus was so grateful to be scooped up by a Good Samaritan. Since arriving at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Ruckus has polished his manners in Canine College and made a number of dog friends. He’s our social butterfly! Ruckus' favorite activities include playing “catch me if you can” and wrestling with abandon. Ruckus has spent most, if not all, of his youth without someone to love. Won’t you change his luck?



headline circle gifTigger



Tigger  ·  #752371
9 Years Old  ·  Australian Cattle Dog Mix  ·  Male


Tigger is a roly poly love sponge. This spry senior still has plenty of pep in his step and loves joining his human friends during outdoor adventures and car rides. Despite his happy-go-lucky attitude, Tigger is feeling a little blue after losing his lifelong home because the other dogs weren't getting along with him. However, Tigger has made numerous dog buddies at the HSSA and does fine with anyone who understands and appreciates his rambunctious play style. As a currently student in Canine College, Tigger is honing his skills as a perfect gentleman and will gladly perform a trick in exchange for a treat. If you could give this big lovable ol' guy the fulfilling feeling of being home, make Tigger a part of your family today!

 CLICK HERE to see a video of Tigger!



headline circle gifBubba



Bubba  ·  #755194
1 Year Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Bubba is a warm-hearted goofball who loves playing with toys and splashing around in water. This precious pooch was surrendered to the HSSA through no fault of his own and now needs a second chance to celebrate the good life. As a highly motivated and eager to please boy, Bubba is excelling in our Canine College program where he’s learning a number of obedience commands. He would love to continue his positive reinforcement training with you and hopes to see you soon!


 CLICK HERE to see a video of Bubba!




headline circle gifApache



Apache  ·  #757048
2 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Apache really wants a home, but his shyness gets in the way of showing humans just how much he likes them. Apache is a submissive boy who, once comfortable, likes to play with other dogs and enjoy outdoor activities. Although he’s still making great strides, Apache has already come such a long way from when he was found a few months ago with broken teeth, deep wounds and tons of ticks. Apache received medical care and is making incredible progress in Canine College. This potential-packed pooch is thriving with daily socialization, encouragement and positive reinforcement training. You can usually find him greeting visitors in our adoption lobby. He’ll look at you with his big sad eyes and give a slight tail wag. He just needs to be pampered and adored to be able to completely come out of his shell. Could you change this deserving dog’s life? Apache’s bags are packed and he’s ready to go!

 CLICK HERE to see a video of Apache!


headline circle gifCasino



Casino  ·  #755659
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Casino is ready to take a gamble on love. Could you be his luck and help him win big? Found as a cactus-covered stray in spring, Casino has been waiting many months to find a family. During his long stay at the HSSA, Casino has been busy working on building his confidence in Canine College. He has completed several training sessions and is improving a little bit every day. Casino just missed out on some essential socialization during his formative years and needs a patient and caring adopter to help him flourish. Because he’s a little nervous and easily overwhelmed, we’re recommending that Casino go to a home with no children or kids under 12. Casino would be most comfortable in a quiet home with someone willing to continue his progress with training. If you could give this sweet, gentle soul the chance to be a valued companion, please check out Casino today at the HSSA.


headline circle gifZuni



Zuni  ·  #756284
8 Years Old  ·  Coon Hound Mix  ·  Female


Silly Zuni can’t wait to get to know you! She’s such a personable and eager-to-please dog. Surrendered to the HSSA when her lifelong family moved away, Zuni is looking for the perfect retirement and keeping her spirits up. Focusing on being the best dog she can be in Canine College has really helped Zuni stay happy and keep her eye on the prize. She loves going for walks, practicing her obedience commands and hearing “good girl!” In her previous home, Zuni grew up with children and would love to meet all of the members of your family in one of our visiting yards. What are you waiting for? Head on over to the HSSA today and give Zuni some love!



headline circle gifBella



Bella  ·  #753134
4 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Love, love, love… That’s what Bella is all about! This extra affectionate darling will nuzzle you for attention and rest her chin on your lap until you give in with a hug. This tough cookie beat cancer and was a beloved guest in foster care while undergoing several chemotherapy treatments. Bella also has some minor tick fever that’s under control with help from antibiotics. During our time falling in love with Bella we’ve learned that she enjoys snuggling, car rides, chew toys and more snuggling. She’s had positive experiences with children and gets along with some dogs. Plus she’s obedience trained, thanks to her trainer in Canine College. If you’re searching for an exceptionally appreciative and precious pooch, please get to know Bella today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. 


headline circle gifDallas



Dallas  ·  #751605
2.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Dallas has a heart the size of Texas and infinite potential to shine. Found as a stray, Dallas was delivered to the HSSA by a kind animal lover for the chance at a better life. Since arriving many months ago, Dallas has graduated at the top of his class in Canine College. This brilliant boy knows sit, down, roll over, watch me, shake, stay and more. He’s such a favorite among our volunteers that they even paid for a portion of his adoption fee. Come see for yourself why dapper Dallas is the talk of the town!


headline circle gifGuy



Guy  ·  #654882
5 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Guy might have a goofy smile, but he’s got serious heart. This lovable champ is honing his skills in Canine College and working hard to become the best dog he can be. With the help of his personal trainer, Guy is building his confidence and adjusting to his current circumstances with a focused and fun attitude. Guy was found as a stray and could use a committed and caring family to help him settle into a loving home. Could that be you? Give Guy one great reason to smile today by visiting him at the main shelter!



 CLICK HERE to see a video of Guy!


headline circle gifDewey



Dewey  ·  #748129
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Dewey is a 90-pound goofball who always has a giant smile and a wiggling back end. Found on Oracle with his tiny, identical daughter, Dewey and his pup were brought to the HSSA for a second chance. Dewey’s puppy immediately found a wonderful home. Now it’s papa’s turn! Dewey maintains a terrific attitude and is making incredible strides in Canine College, where he’s learning basic manners and valuable obedience skills. Dewey is always happy, ready to learn and grateful for a treat. If you could give this active boy a life full of adventures, fun and unconditional love, please get to know darling Dewey soon!


 CLICK HERE to see a video of Dewey!

headline circle gifSam



Sam  ·  #745213
2 Years Old  ·  Australian Cattle Dog Mix  ·  Male


Meet goofy, cuddly Sam. No one can meet this delightful dog without feeling overcome with deep heart-thumping love. Sam has spent many months at the shelter but keeps his chin up and always practices the fine art of being young at heart. Nothing can get Sam down when the world is his playground! As a star student in Canine College, Sam is busy polishing his manners. His trainer brings out the best in him and, in return, he gives us plenty of reasons to laugh. Sam has a playful streak about a mile long but he can instantly perform sit, down, leave it and wait. He’s also pretty good on a leash and loves meeting new dogs. With so much going for him, it’s easy to see why Sam is everyone’s favorite. His trainer has even sponsored his adoption! If you’re looking for a great dog and are willing to provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation for a high-flying and fun companion, please get to know Sam today at the main shelter.

 CLICK HERE to see a video of Sam!

headline circle gifIris



Iris  ·  #751053
1.5 Years Old  ·  Boxer/Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Iris will love you as much as you let her! This extra affectionate and gorgeous girl is looking for a forever home that will help her flourish. Found as a stray, Iris was happy to receive some good food, care and unconditional love. Now Iris is really enjoying herself in Canine College, where she is gaining confidence and valuable life skills with the help of her trainer. We’ve discovered that Iris bonds fast with people and loves romping around with other dogs. She’s brilliant, fun-loving and extra social. If you could give Iris a place to call her own, please visit this darling girl today at the HSSA!

  CLICK HERE to see a video of Iris!

headline circle gifDax



Dax  ·  #749993
4 Years Old  ·  Shar Pei Mix  ·  Male


If you’re looking for a giant teddy bear of a dog, Dax is your man! This loyal love muffin is house trained, mellow and practically a professional cuddle bug. Dax was found by a very kind Tucsonan who took him in for three days while attempting to track down his owner. During his stay, Dax was a terrific guest who settled in beautifully. But he was in a lot of discomfort from some toothaches and entropion, a condition where his eyelids roll inward. Once delivered to the HSSA, Dax underwent surgery and woke up feeling like a whole new dog. Now this happy boy is reaching his incredible potential in Canine College. Thanks to his boundless enthusiasm, focus and food motivation, Dax is learning tricks and making friends fast. He always looks forward to class, where he was born to shine. Just when we thought his manners were absolutely perfect, Dax amazes us by adding even more commands to his impressive resume. Won’t you reward this star student for all of his hard work with a home? If you could pamper and adore Dax for many years to come, please pay this very special boy a visit at the HSSA!

 CLICK HERE to see a video of Dax!


headline circle gifShyla



Shyla  ·  #749199
3 Years Old  ·  Shar Pei Mix  ·  Female


Everybody loves Shyla! This sweet and sensitive girl is an absolute favorite at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Found as a very pregnant stray, Shyla was transferred to the HSSA from another shelter so that she could raise her three beautiful newborn babies in a loving foster home. During her extended stay, Shyla was a great guest and mom who doted on her own puppies, as well as the kids and other dogs in the household. Although she’s very shy at first, Shyla bonds as soon as she feels at ease. After raising her youngsters, Shyla returned to the shelter to find a forever home of her own. It was there that she stole even more hearts while working with trainers in Canine College to gain confidence and learn obedience skills. In fact, the volunteers love her so much that one of her biggest fans has generously paid for her adoption fee. If you’re looking for a rewarding project of love, please consider helping Shyla reach her potential and find happiness. She can't wait to finally belong!

headline circle gifLucas



Lucas  ·  #750009
4 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Lucas is a ray of sunshine! This peppy high achiever is learning new tricks and honing his skills in Canine College. We’re so impressed with his progress and know that you will be too! Found as a stray in pretty rough shape, Lucas has transformed over the past few months into a gorgeous, healthy, social love sponge. He gets along great with his dogs pals and delights in going for daily walks. This high energy boy is searching for a special person willing to continue his training and offer regular exercise. If you’re interested in adding a giddy goofball to your loving home, let Lucas win your heart today!

 CLICK HERE to see a video of Gauge!



headline circle gifChris



Chris  ·  #750009
5 Months Old  ·  Shar Pei Mix  ·  Male


Chris is looking for his very first home. Found as an orphaned puppy back in March, Chris had been spotted hanging around a local business and was delivered to the HSSA so that he could be safe, healthy, fed and loved. Now poor Chris has been at the shelter for months and really wants a family of his own. He’s keeping his chin up and showing the world what he’s made of thanks to Canine College. Chris has worked hard with his personal trainer and has transformed into a well-adjusted companion who knows a number of obedience commands. He’s already mastered watch me, sit, down, stay and come. Reward Chris by granting his wish for a family. Check him out today at the HSSA!


headline circle gifRosie



Rosie  ·  #722327
4 Years Old  ·  Hound Mix  ·  Female


The ideal combination of spunk, etiquette and sweetness! Rosie is a happy hound who loves giving hugs, joining you for walks and learning new things. As a current student in Canine College, Rosie is enjoying lessons with her personal trainer to perfect her long list of tricks. She’s very focused and driven! In addition to being a brilliant scholar, Rosie is house trained, amiable with other dogs and a total hoot when you offer her toys. If you’re looking for a faithful friend and can offer a daily workout and a lifetime of snuggling, please check out our dear friend Rosie soon!


headline circle gifFord



Ford  ·  #747046
1.5 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Ford is the happiest dog you'll ever meet! This easygoing sweetheart is lucky to be alive after he was hit by a car a few months ago. Ford lost a leg and suffered from some serious road rash, but he has since healed and looks marvelous. This charming champ doesn't let anything dampen his zest for life. As a current student in Canine College, Ford enjoys regular training sessions and has a blast playing with other dogs and wooing people. He's a bona fide gentleman with a heart of gold and loads of potential. If you could offer this staff and volunteer favorite the life of love and luxury he certainly deserves, please make Ford your faithful friend today!


headline circle gifEcho



Echo  ·  #745569
1 Year Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Echo is a charming and handsome young man with a fabulous personality, inquisitive eyes and intelligence galore. As a successful student in Canine College, Echo is working hard to perfect his manners and earn a place by your side. Echo hopes you’ll come check him out at the main shelter.


headline circle gifMojo



Mojo  ·  #750936
11 Years Old  ·  Australian Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Mild-mannered Mojo is an easy keeper! This sweet senior lost her lifelong home because she was digging under the fence. Now she’s looking for a cozy retirement curled up at your feet. Mojo adores other dogs of all sizes and children of all ages. She’s house trained, a poised copilot during car rides and very proud of her prized toy collection. Best of all, Mojo seems to be a skilled mind reader and knows when you want to have fun or relax. She’s completely happy doing either and will wait intently to offer you a smile. And although she’s a senior, Mojo is proving that an old dog really can learn new tricks thanks to her hard work in Canine College. Get to know this lovable staff and volunteer favorite soon and prepare to be smitten!


headline circle gifJameson



Jameson  ·  #749078
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Jameson looks pretty tough, but he’s really just a big, ol’ softie. This well-adjusted family companion grew up with children, cats and other dogs of various sizes. His favorite activities include visiting the dog park, going for car rides, snuggling with friends and playing with his prized toys. In his previous home, Jameson was fully house trained, familiar with using a doggy door and happy to sleep in his crate at night. Talk about terrific manners! Surrendered when his family moved, Jameson is searching for a home and staying happy and occupied in Canine College. This attentive scholar has already mastered sit, down and sit pretty. And he continues to make incredible progress practicing loose leash walking. If you’re searching for an easygoing companion with loads of love to share, please let Jameson steal your heart today at the main shelter!


headline circle gifCastiel



Castiel  ·  #744970
1 Year Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Castiel is a gentleman and a scholar! This ambitious Canine College student is at the top of his class and reaching his potential every day. This brilliant boy has mastered a reliable sit, down, shake, crawl, rollover, leave it and recall. And he walks beautifully on a leash. Plus, Castiel is house trained, crate trained and fabulous with kids. Surrendered to the HSSA when he wasn’t getting along with one of the dogs in his former home, Castiel prefers the company of female dogs and would love to meet your four-legged friends. Castiel would do best with a committed family willing to continue his training. And Castiel can never have enough toys! If you could offer this incredible all-star a forever home, please get to know cordial Castiel!


headline circle gifBuford



Buford  ·  #748102
2 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


It’s easy to see why Buford is a staff and volunteer favorite at the HSSA. This goofy boy loves entertaining and can be quite a ham. As a star student in Canine College, Buford has proven to be an extremely quick learner. He has already perfected sit, down, stay, watch me and crawl. And now he’s adding loose leash walking and leave it to his impressive repertoire. Found as a stray back in February, Buford’s past remains a mystery but his future is bright thanks to the help of his new friends. If you’re looking for an outgoing, active dog to make you smile and swoon, please check out Buford at the main shelter soon!


headline circle gifMonroe



Monroe  ·  #749879
2.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Monroe has an enormous heart, a brilliant mind and hypnotic eyes. He would just love to put you under his love spell! This former stray is now turning heads in our Canine College program, where he is mastering a number of obedience commands and gaining valuable life skills. Monroe thrives with positive reinforcement, tasty snacks for motivation and fun exercises that build his confidence. Monroe has been getting along beautifully with other dogs and would love to meet all of the members of your family at the HSSA!


headline circle gifBoba



Boba  ·  747487
1.5 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Boba is a fun-loving social butterfly who can’t wait for a family to call his own. Boba is one of the freshest faces at the HSSA, but he has already earned a reputation as the class clown in Canine College! This goofy, perpetual puppy is all about having fun and showing off. But he’s taking a walk on the serious side to learn how to be a well-adjusted and superbly-mannered companion. As an incredible athlete, Boba needs vigorous daily exercise like long walks, jogging or hiking. He would also do best in a home with another playful dog or have the opportunity to visit some of his old pals at the dog park. If you’re looking for an adventurous busy bee with good looks and smarts galore, please check out Boba!


headline circle gifTony



Tony  ·  #745960
1 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Tony is rising to great heights from his humble beginnings. Found cruising a busy section of Broadway, Tony was delivered to safety and is now making the most of his second chance. This mild-mannered and eager to please pup is already proving to be a genius in our Canine College program. Tony shines as he shows off his instant and precise watch me, sit, down and come. Tony gets along famously with most dogs and would be delighted to meet all of the members of your family today at the HSSA! Don’t miss out! Check out this special gent soon!


headline circle gifHarvard



Harvard  ·  #748465
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Ivy League material! Harvard is studying hard in Canine College to show the world his incredible potential. This one-in-a-million sweetheart has focus, drive and personality plus! The future is looking brighter every day as Harvard learns new obedience commands with the help of his growing circle of friends. Harvard came to the HSSA in need of some serious help. He was timid around new people, sudden movements and loud noises. Now he’s gaining confidence and benefiting from positive reinforcement training and socialization opportunities. Although Harvard remains slightly hesitant around new people, he absolutely adores other dogs of all sizes and even cats! And he really lets his inner puppy shine during trips to the dog park or adventurous walks! If you could give this appreciative boy plenty of time to adjust to a new life full of love, please get to know Harvard at the main shelter!


headline circle gifBullwinkle



Bullwinkle  ·  #747265
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Bullwinkle is an incredibly smart dog who loves people and needs a family as devoted as he will be. This extra adorable boy was found limping down a road and delivered to the HSSA. Veterinarians determined that Bullwinkle had a soft tissue injury. He still wobbles a little, but is healing beautifully and should make a speedy recovery. The moment Bullwinkle arrived at the HSSA, he showed off his potential to be the world’s best dog. This highly motivated and focused people pleaser is mastering obedience commands in record timing through Canine College and can hold a sit for what seems like forever without flinching. This little chocolate champion is going to make someone incredibly happy for many years to come. Could it be you?




CLICK HERE to see a video of Bullwinkle!

headline circle gifRoe



Roe  ·  #747435
4 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


From victim to victorious! Although Roe was abandoned when his family packed up and moved three months ago, he’s focusing on the bright side now and exceeding everyone’s expectations in Canine College. This high achiever has already mastered sit, down, stay, come, crawl, watch me and leave it. And now he’s working on perfecting loose leash walking and rolling over. He’s an all-star with an amazing attitude of gratitude! This brilliant and outgoing gentleman would do best in a moderately active home with lots of love. During a brief stay with some very kind neighbors, Roe proved to be completely house trained and polite around the other dogs and cats, though he tends to underestimate his size and play rough. Roe loves snuggling and leaning in during relaxing back scratches. We just can’t understand how someone could leave such a terrific dog behind. Won’t you be his big-hearted hero? Meet resilient Roe today!


headline circle gifRhea



Rhea  ·  #746369
1.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Rhea is one lucky dog! While struggling to survive on the streets, Rhea was taken in by a kind animal lover who tried hard to track down her owner. During her stay, Rhea was an excellent guest with impeccable manners. She was great alone in the house and even enjoyed playing with a new dog friend. But when it became clear that no one was looking for Rhea, she was delivered to the HSSA for a second chance at a happy life. Now Rhea is thriving in Canine College. Thanks to her love of treats, Rhea is always focused and eager to learn. Check out this special dog's variety of skills and see for yourself why everyone just can't get enough of our little "Rhea Sunshine."


headline circle gifChloe



Chloe  ·  #715504
1 Year Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


“Pick me!” Chloe is a genuinely happy dog who just wants you to glance her way. Plus, she’s a rising star in our Canine College program! We’re putting her enthusiasm and can-do attitude to good use by teaching her sit, down, leave it, watch me and loose leash walking. This teacher's pet will happily work for compliments and cookies. Surrendered with a heavy heart when her owner didn’t have enough time to care for her, Chloe is searching for the perfect forever family. Chloe has a history of living with dogs, cats and kids and does well with anyone who can tolerate her active play style. She just wants to have fun around the clock. In addition to an unforgettable personality, Chloe has terrific manners. She’s house trained, crate trained and extremely affectionate. If you could give this outgoing and energetic dog a great life full of love, please take the opportunity to get to know Chloe.


headline circle gifKiki



Kiki  ·  #740952
3 Years Old  ·  Boxer/Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Cuddly Kiki is always grateful for a belly rub! This volunteer favorite can usually be found in the visiting yard, working on her obedience commands and showing off for groups of children on field trips. As a proud graduate of Canine College, Kiki has a number of impressive skills under her belt and will do anything to earn your praise and affection. Found as a stray in November, Kiki is now searching for a forever home where she will be pampered and adored forever. This well-rounded sweetheart is house trained and fantastic around people of all ages. However, she can be a little picky about her dog friends and will need to meet any canine members of your family at the shelter. If you would like to see if Kiki is the perfect fit for your loving home, please visit this shining star soon!


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